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Breastfeeding Resource Bundle

Guide to Breastfeeding including:

  • 'Breastfeeding Basics' quick reference sheet
  • 'Everything you need to know about storing Your Breastmilk'
  • 'How to Introduce a Bottle'
  • 'Super Moms & Power Pumping'

All of the basics of breastfeeding in ONE place!

What People Are Saying:

I had a million questions regarding breast milk and breastfeeding. HeHe was always quick to answer and she was very helpful. She has a good understanding and knowledge on women who are breastfeeding. I pumped for my son daily, and it was becoming a chore rather than something I could do for my baby. Whenever I tried to pump, he would wake up and I couldn’t pump and tend to him so I would have to wait until my husband came home which got in the way of having husband and wife time with our son. HeHe never gave up on me trying to nurse. One day, I decided I did not want to pump. I got tired of trying to make time for it and having to clean the equipment afterwards. My son was hungry and out of no where, he magically latched on. I was very surprised! I felt so happy. I told HeHe as he was nursing and she was so proud. I know I could not accomplish this awesome milestone of motherhood without her. -Lauren T.

Lauren T